What is a disclaimer? 


A disclaimer is a professional statement that denies something, such as responsibility or the act of repudiating another persons claim (defined by the Dictionary of Cambridge) – DISCLAIMER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.

The information provided on any blog or post on this website is there for educational purposes about specific subjects only.


Investment disclaimer: 


The CEO club and authors behind the CEO club are not financial advisors, brokers or dealers and do not have any insider information. The content that appears on this website is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a source of investment or financial advice or credit analysis. Any financial decisions made by you should be carried out with the appropriate research and with understanding that you; the reader; are liable for any loses you may incur.  Any financial or investment advice should be given by a professional and with verification of information by yourself. 


Affiliate Disclaimer: 


The CEO club wishes to be transparent with its readers about its affiliate relationships. This website does contain links that when clicked on by you the reader a “cookie” will be set in your web browser that will result us earning a commission “if” you make a purchase on the other end of the link. This is a legitimate way to monetize our website in order for us to pay for our costs.  The CEO club is in partnership with Amazon inc as an Amazon associate enrolled on the Amazon Associates programme. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon inc do not  support, sponsor, or endorse the CEO Club. 


Content disclaimer 


The views expressed at, on or through this website are those of the individual author of a post. All liability with respect to any action taken; or not taken; by you the reader, based on the content displayed on this website are disclaimed. The content on this website is provided “as is”, no representation is made that any content seen on this website is error- free. 

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