Welcome to my blog – The CEO Club! 


My name is Luke, and I am the creator of the blog. I have interested in business for a long time and have always aspired to be an entrepreneur. I started reading and researching topics within the entrepreneurship and business world, however I found that I just couldn’t keep all the information in my head. Unfortunately, I would of course end up forgetting some of the stuff I had read. 


Then I had the idea of a website that I could use to post all the topics I research and all the books I read for me to reference at some point in the future. I also thought that there would be other readers possibly having the same issue or people who just want to understand one of the topics I have written about. 


As mentioned on the disclaimer page, I am not a financial advisor. I am just an entrepreneur wishing to document the process of learning and of course making mistakes as all entrepreneurs do!


If you are another blogger, I would love to hear your story or opinion about anything I write about, don’t hesitate to reach out. 


I hope you enjoy the content I create; I hope you find value in what I write.


– Luke. 

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