What is  a URI?

What is a Uri then? An acronym for “Uniform Resource Identifier.  The online definition for Uri is “A string of characters used to identify a resource as a computer network of which the best-known type is a Uri”. 

Many of us in the crypto community will have sent or received crypto at some point. Either from a cold wallet to a hot wallet. Whilst it may be rather unimportant information for us to understand, you may have seen something called a Uri. Understanding Uris  serves as another bit of knowledge you can use to further understand cryptographic ecosystems.

What do they do?

Uniform recourse identifiers are a procedure that refers to the location of a resource on the internet. They can be found within QR-codes, hyperlinks and other sources. What may help to understand is realising you will have used the term Url before; meaning Uniform Resource Locator.


There can be some confusion between the two since both are identifiers of resources. Essentially all Url’s are Uri’s but not all Uri’s are URrl’s. Confusing right? In reality all this is explains is that a URI is basically an address for example google.com where as a Url would be https://google.com; the address and protocol. 


With sending crypto for example a Uri is used to identify the address of the receivers wallet. which at the time of processes has to be on the internet. 


There are similarities between QR codes and unique resource identifiers. Both are links that contain all the relevant information in order to carry out a specified action. A correctly written Uri’s already contain the wallet address, amount of crypto being sent or received, label and a message, if one has been added. This protocol saves you from having to enter all of this information each time you want to send cryptocurrencies.  A Uri is in short, a link that allows you to transfer and receive crypto across various software. The software has to be compatible with the payment request link however. 


They typically contain an address, name, amount and a message if necessary, as seen below. 


In conclusion.

A uniform resource identifier is a broad term used for an API. A type of procedure that allows you to transfer crypto from one software (wallet) to another. An example of what a bitcoin Url would look like; embedded in a QR-code check the image below. 


If you would like to read some of the resources I used to research, check out: bitcoin.developer.org as well as github.com and coincides.org.

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