What is URI? 

The definition for URI is “A string of characters used to identify a resource as a computer network of which the best-known type is a URI”. 


You may come across URI’s whilst dealing with crypto currencies. Whilst they make not be important to understand in order to buy and sell crypto, it serves as another bit of knowledge you can use to further understand cryptographic ecosystems.

Unique recourse identifiers are a procedure that allows the web browser you are using to interact with the computer you are on. Upstanding URI in the world of crypto would essentially be like saying “A bitcoin URI can be interpretated as a payment URI otherwise known as a payment request link. The idea behind this protocol is to simplify the sending and receiving of certain crypto across compatible software. 


There are similarities between QR codes and unique resource identifiers. Both are links that contain all the relevant information in order to carry out a specified action. URI already contain the wallet address, amount of crypto being sent or received, label and a message, if one has been added. This protocol obviously saves you from having to enter all of this information each time you want to send crypto currencies. 



To close A URI is in short, a link that allows you to transfer and receive crypto across various software, the software being compatible with the payment request link of course. 

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