The Intelligent Investor 

Arguably, one of the most well written and famous books within the business community, The Intelligent Investor, authored by Benjamin Graham is praised as being “the best book on investing ever written”. 


Full from front page to back with useful break downs and explanations, following the history of the stock and bonds market. This book covers so many topics from defensive and offensive investing strategies, company comparisons and breakdowns, market fluctuations and cycles to, of course, how to ensure you are intelligent with your investment strategies.   

The book does so well at breaking down such a vast and ultimately difficult subject to learn, that any reader that has the patience to learn and study the information found in this book, should have a undeniable foundation of which they are able to build a solid investment strategy from. 


Of course the book is filled with charts, numbers and percentages; as to be expected; however, I found the most useful lesson in the book was the breakdown between investing and speculation. By far the easiest chapter to understand, Chapter 1 – Investment versus speculation: Results to be expected by the intelligent investor, explains what I believe to be an overlooked aspect of investing.


Many investors; especially those starting out; will begin their journey by trying to build a strategy, studying financial records and reading charts. All useful aspects of course. Although many fail to realise that the most important aspect of your investing journey is yourself. Things like emotional resilience will help you stick to your strategy, allow you to separate your emotions from your money as well as the ability to not let what is going on in the news and social media cloud your judgement. Emotional intelligence and due diligence are the two biggest factors in ones journey to becoming an intelligent investor. Think: What good is a fool-proof investment strategy if it is never followed. 

Like every other book out there, there’s no such thing as a perfect one. Whilst this is a fantastic read with loads of useful information and different perspective. It is a very difficult read. Each and every page (all 500+) is filled with industry phrases, charts to analyse, and percentages to ponder. One of our favorite books we have read; but due to the difficulty it does not quite make 5 stars. 


The great thing about the book is that it really doesn’t matter what your investing prowess is. whether you are just starting your investing journey or have been in the industry for a period of time, this book is still a fantastic recommendation. 

Our CEO Score: 4.7 


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